Custom Trailers

Specialised Trailers

We use a number of specialised trailers, specifically designed for the varied and unique equipment which we transport. This includes:

Flat top trailers

At 45ft (13.5m) in length, these are our most commonly used trailers which will cater for most of your transport needs.

Extendable Trailer

The tray length can vary between 45-72 feet (13.5-22m). These trailers offer flexibility in the type of equipment which can be moved and are particularly useful for transporting extra long equipment.

Drop Deck Trailer

As the name suggests, the tray of these trailers is lower than conventional flat top trailers. These trailers are used for transporting over height equipment.

Drop Deck Wideners

These trailers can be widened to 8 feet (5.5m) and their tray is lower than conventional flat top trailers. They are used to transport extra wide loads.

A number of other trailer configurations can be supplied upon request.

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